I haven't posted since last year.  Wow!  What's the purpose of having a journal if you aren't going to post from time to time.  Well I can't say that I don't have anything to say but I don't have any creative things to add to the sims community. Well actually I do but maybe no one wants them.  I will post them anyway.  I just wanted to say that looking for meshes from creators that haven't played in a century is very upsetting.  I guess I should move on to something more up to date but I really like these creators.  I have been trying to go through all of my files and verify that they work because when I first started playing the game I didn't read where the creator said you need this mesh at this site to make it work so now it's a game of cat and mouse with the meshes.  Anyway just wanted to write something before the year was over.

Happy Simming.

Game Play

So I finally got all of my Sims 2 games reinstalled that took about a day.  I started a lady sim which I rarely do but I did because in my mind I wanted her to be an elder adopt a couple of kids die and have them get extra money when they went to college.  Well, that did not happen.  I created an adult sim, she meet one of the local townies and had three kids with him.  The only thing is I didn't know he was a playable sim and was married. Yikes...So she had a single birth and then twins.  So now I have to decide what I what to do with this lady and her little ones.  I moved him in but then thought he should stay with his other family and just stop by to visit.  I am not sure if his wife knows about the affair.  This is the first time in sim history have I ever did this.  Plus I am trying not to use cheats.  That will probably not last very long.